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Windmill icon.png Windmill
Skill(s) required:
Size: 5 x 5
Object(s) required:
Needs lighting?: No
Liftable?: No
Hit points: unknown
Soak value: unknown
Repaired with: unknown
Required by:
Required by:

Windmill Revamp

[From Patchnotes 1.1.8]
WARNING: I decided to leave legacy windmills and they "SHOULD" work like they did before more or less. I will probably in time destroy the grind machine inside it as that is now a retired object on the server but to eliminate the immediate shock of not having the 'new' Windmill I will leave it for a bit. To gain the functionality of the new Windmills you will unfortunately need to build it again. I personally think it is worth it though.

  • Windmills are now 3 stories with more generous allotment of tiles inside.
  • Windmills now have their own music while inside.
  • The Windmill grindstone now acts in 3 parts. The bottom holds 1 Thousand kg of flour or cornmeal in a similar fashion to a barrel. The middle part is simply for looks and to get in your way when traveling to the 3rd floor. The top piece is where you load your grain. The interaction with the top floor is the same as before with the difference that the flour does not go in your inventory but instead fills up the bottom windmill grinder. The speed of all this is 50% ticks so processing large chunks of flour is now faster on average.
  • There is no safeguard if you overspill. If you attempt to put more than 1000 KG of grinding in a session the flour will just spill out onto the floor and be wasted. If you are doing a massive session on an already nearly fill windmill it is best to have a friend watching the bottom and emptying it.
  • Windmill Theory now requires stocks and cultivars in place of mines and mountains.


Finished Windmill
New Windmill, First Floor.
Finished Windmill
New Windmill, Second Floor.
Finished Windmill
New Windmill, Third Floor.

Requires 5x5 or more flat and paved ground. Takes about 5 minutes to complete (it's really short for that many materials required).

Legacy Windmill

A windmill will allow you to process flour at a much faster rate than using a Grindstone or Copper Grinder.

Game Menu
Build (B) ⇒Buildings & Structures (B) ⇒Houses & Buildings (H) ⇒Windmill (N)

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