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Turkey Coop

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Turkey Coop icon.png Turkey Coop
Skill(s) required:
Size: 2x2
Object(s) required:
Needs lighting?: No
Liftable?: No
Hit points: unknown
Soak value: unknown
Repaired with: Hay
Required by:
Required by:
Turkey Coop



How is inside Turkey Coop.
The bottom left Hen will not be able to lay any eggs, because of the droppings.

Works much like Compost Bin, however to produce Turkey Eggs and Turkey Droppings you must have some Turkey Hen and Turkey Gobbler inside the coop along with empty space and some food.

After a Hen and Gobbler have been placed in the coop, there is a delay of several days before the hens will begin laying eggs. After the hens begin laying, they can lay around an egg a day. (Hens can lay eggs faster than this if you remove the eggs as they are laid, but this will prevent the eggs from ever hatching) One gobbler will make an entire coop of hens lay eggs.

Turkey eggs appear in the space beneath the Turkey Hens. If the space is full, the hen will not lay eggs. Turkey eggs that are moved at all will never hatch, even if they are picked up and immediately placed back into the same spot. Once an egg has been hatched into a Turkey Poult, they may be moved without issue. (although poults can starve just like hens and gobblers)

Turkey droppings appear in the bottom left spot and work their way across before moving up the next row. This is important to remember, because it means that turkey hens in the bottom row will often be unable to lay eggs because the turkey droppings will block the space beneath them.

The turkey coop can be opened like a container to manage the turkeys inside.

Destroying a Turkey Coop:

A Turkey Coop can't be destroyed by normal means, but require the use of Smelling Salts; first to take down the purity, then to damage/destroy it. Each Smelling Salt reduces the purity with 0.50 or deal 20% of damage.


Egg purity increases randomly when it is laid, based on the turkeys and the coop. Each time an egg is laid that has higher purity than the coop, the coop purity can go up.

Food Supply

Dragging a variety of items over the Turkey Coop and right clicking on it will give then to the Turkeys as food supply (identical to the compost).

Items that can be placed in the Turkey Coop:

WARNING! If the food supply bar reaches 0, your turkeys WILL DIE quickly.

The Turkey Coop has a 200 point food capacity. The table below shows what items can be added to the bin and how many fill points they provide.

To add food to the turkey coop, left click it in your inventory and then right click on the coop.

Note - The table is currently incomplete and is missing many items and their point values.

Ingredient  % Filled Fill Points
Concordat of Worms icon.png Concordat of Worms x1 100 200
Seeds of Cereal icon.png Seeds of Cereal x100 5 10
Earthworm Python icon.png Earthworm Python x1 25 50
Plucked Wild Turkey icon.png Plucked Wild Turkey x1 7 14
Common Earthworm icon.png Common Earthworm x1 5 10
Raw Rabbit Steak icon.png Raw Rabbit Steak x1 2 4
Raw Venison Steak icon.png Raw Venison Steak x1 2 4
Raw Beaver Steak icon.png Raw Beaver Steak x1 2 4
Hay icon.png Hay x1 1 2
Seaweed icon.png Seaweed x1 1.5 3
Dead Rabbit icon.png Dead Rabbit x1 1.25 2.5
Dead Timber Rattler icon.png Dead Timber Rattler x1 1 2
Dead Wartbite Cricket icon.png Dead Wartbite Cricket x1 1 2
Raw Rabbit Cut icon.png Raw Rabbit Cut x1 1 2
Raw Venison Cut icon.png Raw Venison Cut x1 1 2
Crispy Cricket icon.png Crispy Cricket x1 0.75 1.5
New World Gourd icon.png New World Gourd x1 0.5 1
Waxing Toadstool icon.png Waxing Toadstool x1 0.5 1
Waning Toadstool icon.png Waning Toadstool x1 0.5 1
Witch's Hat icon.png Witch's Hat x1 0.5 1
Sugar Caps icon.png Sugar Caps x1 0.5 1
Lobster Mushroom icon.png Lobster Mushroom x1 0.5 1
Lavender Blewit icon.png Lavender Blewit x1 0.5 1
Autumn Grass icon.png Autumn Grass x1 0.5 1
Oakworth icon.png Oakworth x1 0.5 1
Honeysuckle Kudzu icon.png Honeysuckle Kudzu x1 0.5 1
Wild Garlic icon.png Wild Garlic x1 0.5 1
Garlic icon.png Garlic x1 0.5 1
Lilypad Bulb icon.png Lilypad Bulb x1 0.5 1
Devil's Wort icon.png Devil's Wort x1 0.5 1
Milkweed Roots icon.png Milkweed Roots x1 0.5 1
Pumpkin Flesh icon.png Pumpkin Flesh x1 0.5 1
Stray Chestnut icon.png Stray Chestnut x1 0.5 1
Blackberries icon.png Blackberries x1 0.5 1
Huckleberries icon.png Huckleberries x1 0.5 1
Crowberry Stalk icon.png Crowberry Stalk x1 0.5 1
Meat Shreds icon.png Meat Shreds x1 0.5 1
Bone icon.png Bone x1 0.5 1
Roasted Rabbit Cut icon.png Roasted Rabbit Cut x1 0.25 0.5
Roasted Venison Cut icon.png Roasted Venison Cut x1 0.25 0.5
Roasted Rabbit Steak icon.png Roasted Rabbit Steak x1 0.25 0.5
Roasted Venison Steak icon.png Roasted Venison Steak x1 0.25 0.5
Charred Something icon.png Charred Something x1 0.25 0.5
Sizzled Slug icon.png Sizzled Slug x1 0.25 0.5
Roasted Chestnut icon.png Roasted Chestnut x1 0.25 0.5
Wood Choppings icon.png Wood Choppings x1 0.25 0.5
Berries-on-a-Straw icon.png Berries-on-a-Straw x1 0.25 0.5
Leaf of Colewort icon.png Leaf of Colewort x1 0.25 0.5
Myrtle Oak Leaves icon.png Myrtle Oak Leaves x1 0.25 0.5
Myrtle Oak Acorn icon.png Myrtle Oak Acorn x1 0.25 0.5
Small Sugar icon.png Small Sugar x1 1.3 2.6
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