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Basic Info:
Where found: unknown
Skill required: unknown
Blood (health): unknown
Liftable or Inventory?: unknown
Item(s) gained: unknown
NOTE: Items and quantities depend upon skills known.
Item(s) gained: unknown (use 'none' if cannot be butchered)
Rare item(s): unknown (use 'none' if no chance for rare items)


When to use this template:

To add a new creature to the wiki.

How to use this template:

Breakdown of parameters:

Where found
Enter the biomes that the creature naturally spawns in. Separate multiple entries with a comma. See Terrains for biome types.
For example: Where found=Grassland, Autumnal
Skill to attack
Enter the skill that is required to be able to attack the creature.
For example: Skill to attack=Small Game Hunting
Blood (health)
Enter the amount of health the creature has. Use the creatures talk page to work together with the community and figure out the health amounts.
For example: Blood (health)=10
Liftable or Inventory
Enter either Liftable or Inventory. Liftable means you can pick it up with the Lift action. Inventory means you pick it up into your inventory.
For example: Liftable or Inventory=Liftable
Dead animal
Enter the name of the creature when it is in your inventory. Some creatures may not be dead when picked up, as is the case with Turkeys who are only knocked-out, but still use this parameter for their inventory name. (You can ignore this parameter if the creature is liftable)
For example: Dead animal=Dead Timber Rattler
Items gained
Enter all expected items it is possible to receive from skinning and/or butchering the creature. Ignore any skill requirements and do not list rare/random items such as inspirationals. Separate multiple entries with a comma.
For example: Items gained=Meat Shreds, Raw Venison Cut, Raw Venison Steak, Brain, Raw Deer Hide
Rare items
Enter all random or rare items it is possible to receive from skinning and/or butchering the creature. Separate multiple entries with a comma.
For example: Rare items=Stringy Sinew, Tiny Pocketwatch

Blank code to copy+paste:

| Where found=
| Skill to attack=
| Blood (health)=
| Liftable or Inventory=
| Dead animal=
| Items gained=
| Rare items=
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