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Lost info from Biomes category-page

I found the below lost info on the Category:Biomes page, due to redirect.
I think its worth to combine these into the content of the Terrain page, especially the images :)
⇐⇑©TriMoon™TalkHandyWikiLinks @ 16:59, 19 July 2012 (CDT)

On the extents of Salem you will meet a lot of different biomes: whatever one calls them, here you can give them the names you prefer as authors, lets start:

Desert Biome

Desert Biome

You can meet this biome after forest biome. Personally i headed west when i reached this.

Character of terrain: deviates widely, from plain to great hills like the Big Barrier i found stretching far far to the horizon.

Big Barrier

Forages: Sugarcap, Autumn Grass, Devil's Wort (tons of).

Beings: Weren't met.

Additions: Quite painful for eyes to look at, make sure you make the brightness of your monitor a bit darker.

Swamp Biome

Swamp Biome

I find this biome to be found quite rarely, the one on the screen was found in the Desert Biome.

Character of terrain: quite plain, watery.

Forages: Lylipad,Seaweed, Waxing Toadstool.

Beings: Weren't met.

Additions: none.

Leaf Forest

Leaf Forest

You can find these whenever around, though they might vary in extensions.

Charachter of terrain: has a lot of steeps.

Forages: Chestnut, Virginia Snail, Singing Old Log, New World Gourd, Waxing Toadstool, Wild Garlic, Blackberry, Witch's Hat, Lime, Indian Feather

Dark Woods

Dark Woods

You can find these near Darknes biome.

Charachter of terrain: Lots of tree, quite flat.

Forages: Chestnut, Waxing Toadstool, Blackberry, Witch's Hat

Grass Land

Grass Land

You can find these whenever around

Charachter of terrain: Few tree, quiet flat.

Forages: Waxing Toadstool, Blackberry, Virginia Snail, Wild Garlic, Sugarcap, Autumn Grass

Beings: Deer, Wartbite Cricket



Forages: Granite

Beings: Unknown.

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