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This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Gluttony article.

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Increasing 2 humour values simultaneously

Random chance theory

This page originally stated that if you increased 2 humours simultaneously with the same food, it would increase the one with the lesser cap. I wanted to verify that, and it's not what I have found thus far.


Note: All foods are at default purity, and 25% for all "events"

  1. Grabbed an alt with 5/5/5/5 humours
  2. Ate a sunday steak, and gained black bile. Humours are now 5/5/5/6
  3. Ate another sunday steak, gained yellow bile. Humours are not 5/5/6/6
  4. Ate buddies on a branch, gained yellow bile. Humours are now 5/5/7/6

The only event that increased yellow bile for buddies on a branch is salt, so I can confirm that I got salt.

The Salt event increases blood by 8, and yellow bile by 7.5.

Because the cap for blood was 5, and yellow bile was 6, blood should have increased according to the old data. Additionally, blood increased more than yellow bile did points-wise.

I feel that this is more concrete of evidence than what was already on the page, so I replaced it. If you find otherwise, let me know. -Xelivous 08:58, 17 November 2012 (CST)

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