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This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the Fishing article.

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I'll be keeping a log here of fish caught. Please feel free to start your own!
This will be used to make the Fishing article as scientific as possible, verified by actual data.
As such, please only log true data - this isn't a place to exaggerate! --Rushmik @ 11:09, May 16, 2012‎

I moved the content in the non-article Category:Lures to Lures, and corrected references using it.
⇐⇑©TriMoon™TalkHandyWikiLinks @ 12:45, 11 July 2012 (CDT)

Catching fish

I've been doing some experimentation into the actual process of catching fish. Here are some of my notes, although I don't have enough data to properly express it on the main page.


Similar to biomes, there are nodes (invisible hotspots) on the map that dictate where you can catch specific fish. And whenever you are not on a node the game will "eat" your bait without popping up a dialog box for catching fish. Most nodes have 2 or more fish inside of them, but it is also possible to find nodes that only have a single fish. This also means you can fish in on one tile, move 1 tile in any direction and get completely different sets of fish, or stay on the same tile and get the same type of fish over and over again.

The Meter

Let's say there is a theoretical meter that starts at "50% caught" as soon as you hook a fish. Your character will lean backwards when you are above 75% caught, and lean forwards when you are below 25%. Every action increases/decreases the fish's "catch meter" by a specific predetermined amount, and they all change it by a different amount depending on the fish you are catching.

Let's use Tiger Trout as an example, as I found a node that gives tiger trout and nothing else. Using the command "Pull High" will allow you to bring the meter up to 100% even if you're still in the neutral animation (<75%), which means it's a "Critical Success". "Pull west" increases the meter but only by a tiny amount, and you'll need somewhere between 4-7 of them in order to make your character lean backwards. Likewise, "Reel Out" is less effective than "Pull High", but more effective than "Pull West", needing only 2-3 to get yourself leaning backwards. The reverse is true for the various "negative actions".

Losing a fish

If you catch a fish and don't perform any action, it will snap in 5 seconds (only tested tiger trout) regardless of how much progress you made.

And obviously if your "meter" falls to 0% you'll lose the fish as well.

- Xelivous 20:01, 20 November 2012 (CST)

Rushmik's Fishing Log

 # Fish Rod Lure Biome Depth
Frontier & Wilderness level: 25
1 Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch Makeshift Fishing Rod Tasty Sink-knot Boston port Deep
2 Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch Makeshift Fishing Rod Cricket Moth Boston shore Shallow
1 Angel-Winged Seabass Makeshift Fishing Rod Cricket Moth Boston shore Shallow
3 Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch Makeshift Fishing Rod Cricket Moth Maple forest river Shallow
3 Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch Makeshift Fishing Rod Cricket Moth Lake between maple shore Deep
1 Silt-Dwelling Mudsnapper Makeshift Fishing Rod Tasty Sink-knot Lake, grassland shore Shallow

That's all for now; ran out of lures.

Trojanz' Fishing Log

 Fish Rod Lure Biome Depth
Frontier & Wilderness level: 56
Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch Fishing Pole Razzle-Tazzle Lure River Deep
Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch Fishing Pole Shark Bait River Deep
Silt-Dwelling Mudsnapper Fishing Pole Razzle-Tazzle Lure River Shallow
Silt-Dwelling Mudsnapper Fishing Pole Shark Bait River Shallow
Angel-Winged Seabass Fishing Pole Razzle-Tazzle Lure Ocean Deep
Angel-Winged Seabass Fishing Pole Shark Bait Ocean Deep
Red-Finned Mullet Fishing Pole Razzle-Tazzle Lure Ocean Shallow
Red Herring Fishing Pole Razzle-Tazzle Lure Lake Shallow

caught red finned mullet w/ fishing pole and stick spinner, using the typical red mullet process.. hail the stick spinner master race. also have caught blueback tuna using mostly Resist. Think of England causes negative reactions, resist is very positive. caught with stick spinner master race and seaweed wobbler, on a fishing pole, in boston's depths. -Vigilance 19:49, 23 September 2012 (CDT)

Fishing Rods + Lure Type

I think most positive and negative move's is factor of type fishing rod? Because same move's do not work on same lure's with Fishmaster 1600 and Fisherman Rod's? Can it be?

Regarding the +1, 0, -1 theory

The idea that each set of actions you are presented with contains a +1, 0, and -1 response is false. Ihave experienced fishing the same way that Xelivous has pointed out. Each action seems to have varying degrees of either positive or negative, and quite possibly there are no neutral actions.

About the selection of choices

I believe that the fishing menu that pops up will present you with at least one positive, and one negative action. The third action could be either positive or negative. My proof of this is that many times I have chosen a wrong action and watched my character lean forward as a result. The next menu also contained that same wrong action so I avoided that action and picked something different, at which point I lost the fish. What this tells me is that two out of the three actions on that menu were negative, not just one. Likewise I have also had menus pop up with two choices that I know were both positive for that particular fish.

Alot of the information on the front page is misleading for that reason. (Delerium (talk) 23:41, 21 March 2013 (CDT))

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