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Diferent order?

Order them artifacts according to the proficience they use? Nikixos (talk) 11:19, 23 February 2013 (CST)

Artifact Combat power and effectivity

I've tested a bit with my combat power and constructed a formula trying to predict the damage of thrust on the basis of your yellow bile, combat power and enemy defense power.

Only tested with thrust so far, but can anyone else confirm that the formula holds? Maybe it's inaccurate at larger biles because it's not a linear damage increase?

YBD = Yellow Bile Drained ACP = Attackers combat power DDP = Defenders defence power

(5 + ((ACP-DDP)/50))*YBD

where YBD can be calculated by sqrt(CYB/10) where CYB is your current yellow bile

UPDATE: i found that it didn't work accurately for my friend but i'll let the formula stand hoping someone else will come up with a better one.

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