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Characters put in the stocks can with the Sanctioned Mortification skill be humiliated further by whipping or Tomato throwing.

A player can only whip a criminal once per stock session with a regular Wild Whip, and twice with an Executioner's Whip. Base whipping damage has been reduced to 0.1 humors for an online criminal. Total damage will still be multiplied by 2 for an offline criminal.

Getting whipped will also add a small amount of Insanity.

Throwing Rotten Fruits will give a higher higher Full and Fed Up debuff when thrown at a criminal than a tomato. However, a Big Red tomato will cause a significantly higher Full and Fed Up debuff.

  • Diseased players locked in the stocks will permanently die if not freed fast enough.
  • KOing in the stocks cause permadeath.

Criminals should either:

  • Have enough Blood to live through 24 hours of disease.
  • Wear a mask or log off with a buff immunity of sorts.
  • Buy themselves out before dieing.
  • Don't do crime.

Justice System

Players receive Justice Points for persecuting criminals. There is now a leaderboard for the Justice Points of the top 10 Players. Also, the amount of Humor damage you can do to a Criminal is dependant on how many Justice Points you have.

  • Players will receive 1 Justice Point for throwing a tomato at a criminal.
  • Players will receive 100 Justice Points for whipping a criminal.
  • Players will receive 500 Justice Points for putting a player in the stocks.
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