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Spanish Sabre

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Spanish Sabre icon.png Spanish Sabre
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: unknown
Required by: Objects
Alternative Acquisition:
Object(s) Required:


The Spanish Sabre is a melee weapon unlocked by Fencing. Though it is possible to equip the sabre at any time it is only effective in combat after Fencing is learned. To attack with a sword in combat, you must use Thrust. En Garde and Parry are also moves which require the use of a sword.

To craft a Sabre, Weapon Forging, Fencing, and the use of an Anvil are required. The Purity of a Sabre comes directly from the Sword Blade used to make it. Purity increases the amount of damage done by the Sabre by up to 10% for 100% Purity. Spanish Sabre can allow be sharpened with a Whetstone to take on the Whetstone's purity.

It can also be bought in Providence for 500 Silver Pieces from the NPC vendor. Many people sell the sabre for a lower price.

Can also be hung on a wall.

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Craft (C) ⇒Weapons (W) ⇒Spanish Sabre (b)

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