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Silver Pieces

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Silver Pieces icon.png Silver Pieces
Where found:
Weight: none
Required by: Objects
Skill(s) Required: None
Object(s) Required:


Silver pieces are the currency in Salem. NPC vendors in Providence sell goods and services in silver pieces, and will also pay you in silver for certain items they are willing to buy. Silver is also widely exchanged between players through offers of buying and selling which you will often find when loitering in Providence's main square.

Silver pieces are stack-able in your inventory reaching a maximum size of 500 per inventory slot. This can quickly become a burden trying to store larger amounts of silver so players may purchase a Coin Purse from NPC vendors in Providence for as little as 5 silver pieces. A Pilgrim's Purse takes a single inventory slot and can store up to 500 silver pieces inside. You may even equip the pouch to your person which not only frees up all your inventory but also allows you to fast travel while carrying silver in your pouch when it is equipped.

A Silver Bar can be turned into 250 silver coins.

Earning Silver in Salem

A new pilgrim to Salem may find it difficult to earn any silver to pay for the guide service which gives them a homestead on a random location or to purchase the nails to build the homestead themselves.

One good way to earn your first silver is to learn Indian Tracking and forage the area around Providence for Indian Arrowheads and Indian Feathers. Then you can craft the Savage Charm which the NPC buys for 30 silver pieces. Keep in mind the arrowheads spawn more frequently and can be sold for a very small sum if you really need the money.

Another good way to earn some coin in the beginning is to forage around Providence or your newbie leanto for some items other players usually are willing to buy. The Whispering Snake Skulls and Pearls are particularly valuable, going for 700 to 1200 silver.

Inspirational items such as Tumbleweed, Beautiful Seashell, Aged Driftwood, New World Gourd can be found on the ground and are usually desirable.

You can also Sell other items to the NPC Stalls in Providence, see the prices on the Stalls page. Dried Timber Rattler Skin is a common item found in Hollow Stumps and Hollow Logs and it's not difficult to find several dozen in a few hours.

Silver also occurs in small stacks of 5 in Hollow Stumps and Hollow Logs.

Silver Pieces Stacks Graphics

There are various graphical representations of a stack of silver depending on how many are stacked. The following table illustrates the variations:

Icon Number of Pieces
SilverStack1to9.png 1-9 pieces
SilverStack10to24.png 10-24 pieces
SilverStack25to49.png 25-49 pieces
SilverStack50to99.png 50-99 pieces
SilverStack100.png 100 pieces
SilverStack100.png 500 pieces

Game Menu
Craft (C) ⇒Processing & Materials (P) ⇒Silver Pieces (S)

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