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Shred Tobacco

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Shred Tobacco icon.png Shred Tobacco
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:


Turns 12 Dry Tobacco Leaves into 3 Shredded Tobacco.

Shredded Tobacco can be put into a Tobacco Pipe or Cob Pipe. Smoke ("Puff") them may reduce the characters Madness Level; the chance is higher the higher the Madness level is. At madness level 5 and higher you will have a very high chance of reducing a madness level using Broad-Leaf Tobacco.

Shredded Tobacco Types

The higher tier, the greater chance for reducing madness levels. See Tobacco for more information.

Tier 1: Shredded Broad-Leaf Tobacco icon.png Shredded Broad-Leaf Tobacco
Tier 2: Shredded Bright-Leaf Tobacco icon.png Shredded Bright-Leaf Tobacco
Tier 2: Shredded Shade-Leaf Tobacco icon.png Shredded Shade-Leaf Tobacco
Tier 3: Shredded Gold-Leaf Tobacco icon.png Shredded Gold-Leaf Tobacco

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