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Revenge icon.png Revenge
"Revenge eliminates the ethical dilemma of murdering a guilty criminal"
Skill(s) required:
Proficiencie(s) required:
3250 Cloak & Dagger icon.png Cloak & Dagger
3250 Faith & Wisdom icon.png Faith & Wisdom
3250 Law & Lore icon.png Law & Lore
Skills Unlocked:
Crafts Unlocked:
Builds Unlocked:
Others Unlocked:

In-Game Text

"Revenge, at first though sweet, bitter, ere long, back on itself recoils"

-John Milton

The law in this new world is weak. The only justice to be had is at the hands of victims incited to action or bystanders willing to fight for their fellow man. Revenge eliminates the ethical dilemma of murdering a guilty criminal while in possession of evidence against them. Murdering your fellow player with Revenge is still considered a crime and will leave evidence of the act.


This skill lets you murder a player without The Story of Cain & Abel skill, but only if you have evidence against them.

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