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Psychotic Episodes - Details

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(under construction)

This page provides descriptions of Psychotic Episodes as they have been reported by players and gives you hints as to how to deal with them. For the main page about insanity and madness, please follow this link: Insanity.


Meow Meow

A mask appears on the face of the player and a meow-meow song plays in the background. You need to remove the mask for the song to stop. The mask will then disappear.

The Precious

A golden ring appears in your inventory as you sift rubble. The ring will destroy all gems that you obtain as you sift. It cannot be dropped on the ground, the only way to get rid of it is to place it in a container.

A Termite called Steve

Poison Ivy

The world's largest salami

Logs fallen on the ground appear in a salami texture.

Timber Terror

All-consuming flame

A flame appears in your inventory and destroys its contents. Like The Precious, it cannot be dropped on the ground, you need to place it in a container using Shift-click as a left-click will not be effective and will induce blood damage.


Besides the voices, you will sometimes get a false amount of the stocks in a container, a stockbin of dry boards will appear to you as coffin boards, the camera and build objects/lifted objects will refuse to snap to grid properly.

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