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'Shroom-Legume Salad +Any Mushroom  +, Leaf of Green Cabbage  +, Radish  +
'Shrooms-on-a-Stick +Any Mushroom  +, Branch  +, Fire  +


A Face in the Dross +Ore Smelter  +
A Fish in the Reeds +Any Fish  +, Reeds  +
A Rabbit in the Cabbage +Raw Rabbit Steak  +, Any Cabbage Leaf  +, Cooked Carrot  +,
A Side of Venison +Raw Venison Steak  +, Any Raw Meat Cut  +, Roasted Chestnut  +,
A Snake in the Grass +Any Cabbage Leaf  +, Raw Timber Rattler Cut  +, Autumn Grass  +
A Taste of Autumn +Autumn Grass  +, Waxing Toadstool  +, Stray Chestnut  +,
A Taste of The New World +Flint  +, Stone  +, Autumn Grass  +,
A Walk on the Wild Side +Raw Rabbit Cut  +, Raw Venison Cut  +, Raw Beaver Cut  +,
Abandoned Bird's Nest +Tree  +, Any Axe  +
Acorn Indian +Myrtle Oak Acorn  +, Branch  +, Thorn  +,
Admiral's Hat +Mystery Box  +
Admiral's Uniform +Sea Island Cotton Cloth  +, Gold Buttons  +, Wool  +
Adventurer's Boots +Leather  +
Adventurer's Cap +Mystery Box  +
Adventurer's Hat +Leather  +, Wool  +
Adventurer's Jacket +Sea Island Cotton Cloth  +, Egyptian Cotton Cloth  +, Wool  +
Adventurer's Pants +Raggy Hem  +, Fine Leather  +, Amber Coarse-Grain Thread  +,
Adventurer's Rapier +Mystery Weapon Chest  +
Adventurer's Shoes +Leather  +, Wool  +
Adventurer's Trailmix +Dehydrated Cranberry  +, Roasted Chestnut  +, Roasted Pine Nuts  +,
Adventuring Diploma +Adventurer's Pack  +
Alchemist Cape +Mystery Cape Hanger  +
Alchemist's Diploma +Alchemist's Pack  +
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