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Potion Rack

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Potion Rack icon.png Potion Rack
Skill(s) required:
Size: unknown
Object(s) required:
Needs lighting?: No
Liftable?: Only when empty
Hit points: unknown
Soak value: unknown
Repaired with: unknown
Required by:
Required by: None

In-Game Text

The Potion Rack is a large piece of furniture that can only hold potions.


Can't be lifted outside the house where it was first built.

Has an inventory grid of 10x20 totalling 200 slots.

Storeable Items:
Item Uses Effect per use
Berrymash Purgative icon.png Berrymash Purgative Removes 2h Full & Fed Up Debuff
Butterbug Refresher icon.png Butterbug Refresher 3 Restores 2000 Inspiration
Fishguts & Rot Refresher icon.png Fishguts & Rot Refresher 3 Restores 20,000 Inspiration
Glass Bottle icon.png Glass Bottle - Used for crafting potions
Pulpish Purgative icon.png Pulpish Purgative Removes 4h Full & Fed Up Debuff
Rubbery Mescaline Refresher icon.png Rubbery Mescaline Refresher 3 Restores 50,000 Inspiration
Sweet'n'Thorny Refresher icon.png Sweet'n'Thorny Refresher 3 Restores 250,000 Inspiration
Tenderfoot Refresher icon.png Tenderfoot Refresher 12 Restores 10,000 Inspiration
Rattler Serum icon.png Rattler Serum 10 Removes/cures the Poisoned effect from a Timber Rattler bite.
Serpent Serum icon.png Serpent Serum 10 Removes/cures the Poisoned effect from a Quetzalcoatl bite.

Game Menu
Build (B) ⇒Furniture (F) ⇒Potion Rack (P)

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