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An expedition is a separate game server with its own unique map, rules and mechanics. Expeditions are meant for players that want more action. Since the map area is 10 times smaller, a lot more confrontations will happen.

An expedition is also a place to experience the newest mechanics that will be transferred to the main server Providence when polished out in the end of an expedition.

Things to consider before joining an expedition

  • It's a temporary server and only an extremely small amount of your progress will be "brought back" to Providence. However, for inexperienced players this is an excellent opportunity to try out the game on a more equal ground as the veterans and overcome any trial and errors before attempting a more permanent settlement in Providence.
  • Since it has a smaller map and harsher siege mechanics, it's very advised to join a town or form your own village by using a New World Survey to a chosen location or simply walk there with the help of the Party system (it may take a long time and may result in a KO and a respawn in the main town).
  • The Salem Store items you buy need to be claimed on the server you want to use them. In the end of an expedition you will certainly lose your store bought items, while on Providence you can theoretically hold the items forever.
  • The expedition will be the most active server where most developer organised events will happen.

If you didn't find enough info here, you should check out the latest announcements on the Salem Forums where the Expedition info is up to date.

List of Expeditions

Nr. Main City Expedition Theme Additional Information Colonization Apocalypse Champion
1 Popham Animal Husbandry You will be able to breed the first farm animals in Salem and if you survive till the end, bring the best ones back to Providence. 19 June 2015 04 January 2017 Darwoth
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