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An expedition is a separate game server with its own unique map, rules and mechanics. Expeditions are meant for players that want more action. Since the map area is 10 times smaller, a lot more confrontations will happen.

An expedition is also a place to experience the newest mechanics that will be transferred to the main server Providence when polished out in the end of an expedition.

Things to consider before joining an expedition

  • It's a temporary server and only an extremely small amount of your progress will be "brought back" to Providence. However, for inexperienced players this is an excellent opportunity to try out the game on a more equal ground as the veterans and overcome any trial and errors before attempting a more permanent settlement in Providence.
  • Since it has a smaller map and harsher siege mechanics, it's very advised to join a town or form your own village by using a New World Survey to a chosen location or simply walk there with the help of the Party system (it may take a long time and may result in a KO and a respawn in the main town).
  • The Salem Store items you buy need to be claimed on the server you want to use them. In the end of an expedition you will certainly lose your store bought items, while on Providence you can theoretically hold the items forever.
  • The map on expeditions is SMALL!!! You will be 10 times more likely to find players in the wild and most groups are not friendly, they will problably murder you!

Also crimes are easier to commit in expeditions, this comes in the form of less black bile drain, no Trial by Combat Etc, see expedition page and Crime & Punishment for more info.

If you didn't find enough info here, you should check out the latest announcements on the Salem Forums where the Expedition info is up to date.

List of Expeditions

Nr. ! Main City Expedition Theme Additional Information Colonization Apocalypse Champion
1 Popham Animal Husbandry You will be able to breed the first farm animals in Salem and if you survive till the end, bring the best ones back to Providence. 19 June 2015 04 January 2017 Darwoth
2 Concord Wine/Alcohol Industry Wine and Vitis hook into the craving system. While Beer helps with PVP mechanics. 29 December 2017 - -

Winning Condition & Rewards

Every expedition has a different goal see the current expedition page for accurate info!! common rewards include:

For each member of the top 10 boards (Change Expedition for the name of the expedition, eg: Whip of Concord)

  • Justice Leaderboard: Whip of Expedition (Whip can be used an additional time at the Stocks).
  • Scalp Leaderboard: Expedition Masque (2-Slot Masque)
  • Town Leaderboard: Unique Expedition Flag for Flagpoles (Cosmetic)
  • Book Leaderboard: Expedition Quill (Cosmetic)
  • Gluttony Leaderboard: Expedition Chef Apron (Helps Gluttony)
  • Time Leaderboard: Pocketwatch of Expedition
  • Fishing Leaderboard: Expedition Pike (Unique Fish)
  • Trade Order Leaderboard: Upgraded Masonic Toolkits with greater Necklace Upgrade Chance!

Expedition Champion:

The total winner of the expedition is a player that, with a highly skilled character, sometimes a witch, prays on all of the statues terminating the server forever in an apocalypse(Nonending Bloodmoon).

The winner of an Expedition usually receives:

  • 1) $250.00 of Store Credit.
  • 2) A statue of their character on Providence with their name for all future generations of Salemites to see and worship.
  • 3) Their witch who ends the server back on Providence alive and safe.
  • 4) A handful of their favorite treasures, or other nice things collected on The expedition teleported to a base on Providence of their choosing.

Unique to expedition

Besides expedition theme there's also skills and other stuff that can only be unlocked in expeditions such as:

Players can feast on another player fresh corpse with the use of a meat grinder, gaining stats at the same time.


Statues give bonuses to the players weekly, they have a minimap icon and play a sound once found.

Statues can't be claimed over, but they can be sorrounded with Boundry Stones,

They also have marble pavement which will effectively let you know when you are near a statue. Players can't build on marble.

Marble: All statues have this white pavement so you can see them on the minimap.

Praying to the Statue of Frugality will reduce your Full & Fed Up buff by 1 week..
Praying to the Statue of Family will raise the inheritance bonus of your Pilgrim's Heir back to Providence by 5% Per Praying..
Praying to the Statue of Community will lower the Pilgrims Insanity and Madness to 0..
Praying to the Statue of Piety will grant a Pilgrim 10,000 Inspiration for each point of Faith and Wisdom they have..
Praying to the Statue of Diligence will make you more efficient at working, permanently adding +3 to ALL proficiencies..
Praying to the Statue of Sobriety will entirely remove the Quaffed & Quench buff.

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