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Player Stalls

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Player run stalls are located in Providence to the East of the statue, along the shoreline; they are characterized by Blue awnings rather than White ones. These stalls can be purchased by any player with the Mercantilism skill, but only one per player.

Stalls nearest Boston center cost the most to buy at 15,000 silver, while those furthest cost only a few thousand silver. There is also one special stall that costs 100,000 silver and has only 10% tax. Normal tax on a stall is 35%, along with a 400 silver per week upkeep cost. The tax goes toward the upkeep at first so that a player who pays 50 silver in taxes in a week only needs to pay 350 silver in upkeep for that week.

Stalls have slots for 10 different items and multiples of a particular item can be placed in a single slot. The total items possible for one stall is 1000.

Note: The stall interface indicates only the number of items stored in a each slot. The number of remaining uses of potions and inspirationals is not indicated. It is therefore possible to sell an item that has only one use left. Potential buyers are advised to purchase such items with caution.

Of the taxes taken in by the King, 20% refunded back to the Mayors of the top 10 towns on the server. You can speak to Benjamin Bryberry to find out who owns these top towns. The amounts refunded are as follows:

Town #1 38.53%
Town #2 23.81%
Town #3 14.72%
Town #4 9.09%
Town #5 5.63%
Town #6 3.46%
Town #7 2.16%
Town #8 1.30%
Town #9 0.87%
Town #10 0.43%

For a total of 100%.

Towns who want a bigger cut of the tax break can Challenge Authority of the other top towns to try to lower their authority.

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