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Ore Smelter

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Ore Smelter icon.png Ore Smelter
Skill(s) required:
Size: 5x4
Object(s) required:
Needs lighting?: Yes
Liftable?: No
Hit points: unknown
Soak value: unknown
Repaired with: Bar of Pig Iron
Required by:
Required by:
Ore Smelter
WARNING: Smelting formula has been changed and are currently unknown; thus current ratio's and percentages found on this page may not be accurate.


This smelter is required to smelt the ore you mine into Bars of Pig Iron, Bars of Copper, or Silver Bars.

Production of metal bars may have a multiplier based on chance, but is primarily a counter which is influenced by the Ore and Lime ratio as well as any bonuses provided by the alloying and productivity Artifacts the character may currently be wearing. When the counter is filled to 100% a metal bar is produced.

Ore contributes with a set value towards the counter, while lime gives a bonus for every ore in the smelter. Currently these values is unknown, but used to be: Iron, Copper, Silver = Ore * (2 + Lime). (Expressed as a percentage)

Incomplete bars are carried over to the next smelting. Although a 72% batch won't give you a bar, the second time you run the smelter filled that way, you will get one full Bar and 44% left over (72% + 72% = 144%).

A Little Limestone, when used to replace one Lime will increase the number of Bars that are created.

The smelter must be filled with 15 charcoal in order to be lit. The smelter will then burn for 40 minutes. It can be lit without anything inside, but it obviously should be filled with Ore and Lime first to be useful. The quantity and order in which you put the lime and ore does not matter.

Ore that could not be melted into Iron Bar(s) will be left as Dross, which can be used as building material where one would normally need to use Stone, or as a decent speed raising fertilizer. Rarely A Face in the Dross will spawn in place of the Dross.

Purity of the Ore used will transfer directly to the Bar with no effect from the Smelter, Lime, or Charcoal. Though take note that the purity of the previously smelted ore will affect the next bar depending on the % carried over.

Fill Ratio's:
Ore Lime added to counter
1 24 26%
2 23 50%
3 22 72%
4 21 92%
5 20 110%
6 19 126%
7 18 140%
8 17 152%
9 16 162%
10 15 170%
11 14 176%
12 13 180%
13 12 182%
14 11 182%
15 10 180%
16 9 176%
17 8 170%
18 7 162%
19 6 152%
20 5 140%
21 4 126%
22 3 110%
23 2 92%
24 1 72%
25 0 50%
  • To get the maximum amount of Iron per smelting operation, you should therefore use around 10 to 13 Lime to accompany your Ore,filling all the space. This way you produce any metal bars as quickly as possible while saving fuel.
  • There is a decreasing return on your investment for adding additional Lime, so although the 1st Lime is worth 22% of a Bar, the 7th is only worth 10%. If Lime is scarce for you, you can use less without wasting too much fuel.

Game Menu
Build (B) ⇒Buildings & Structures (B) ⇒Metalworking Structures (M) ⇒Ore Smelter (O)

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