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Myrtle Oak Tree

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Myrtle oak tree icon.png Myrtle Oak Tree
Skill(s) required:
Size: 1x1
Object(s) required: None
Needs lighting?: No
Liftable?: Dig / Flowers & Berries
Hit points: unknown
Soak value: unknown
Repaired with: Can't be Repaired
Required by:
Required by:
Myrtle Oak Tree


A tree-like bush. They can act as containers for up to 4 items. Abandoned Cobwebs and Caterpillars spawn inside them randomly.

Only way of obtaining Myrtle Oak Leaves and Myrtle Oak Acorns, which regenerate replenish in the same manner as Nut Trees.

When picking Acorns from a Myrtle Oak Tree there is a chance to get a Majestic Acorn.

Can be dug up and carried to a new location with a Shovel and the skill Flowers & Berries.

With Nut Orchards, you can plant an Acorn in a pot to plant a new Myrtle Oak Bush.

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