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Mr. Puggles

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The bloodthirsty Mr. Puggles


Mr. Puggles will gladly kill you if you pay him 150 silver. This is the easiest and most convenient way of deleting a character. See the Skeleton page for alternative and free methods of killing your character permanently.

If you give Mr. Puggles the Scalp of a Murderer, he will give you 150 silver. Scalping a player adds a huge amount of Insanity.


You can talk to Mr. Puggles to find out who is currently in the lead in the murderous rampage that is Salem. Mr. Puggles keeps a top ten list of the highest Humored/Skilled players who have been executed by him or murdered by another player.

To record your murder, you must 'Scalp' the body of the player you murdered, and bring the Scalp to Mr. Puggles. Right click on him with the Scalp, and he will take it and record it for you. Top 10 kills get an Executioner's Mask as a reward. Top 1 kills in Providence get an Executioner's Axe. Turning in a scalp of a character that had bought The Story of Cain & Abel skill will get you a South Sea Company Stock Certificate worth 2.5$.

WARNING! Checking Mr. Puggles Leaderboard adds a tiny bit of Insanity.


There is a story whispered in the taverns and brothels of Boston. It is a tale of a lonely boy, abandoned by his father and cursed with a name so demeaning, so emasculating, that each day was a challenge. Who could take seriously a boy named Puggles? Women mocked him, men scoffed at him. He couldn't hold a job that didn't involve entertaining children. The toll this took on the young man was enough to push many off the edge, but Puggles used it to fuel his goal of killing the man who would lay such a burden on his shoulders.

To this day he still seeks that man, but the hard lessons of having a name like Puggles made him strong and terrifying. So he petitioned the local Boston magistrate to allow him the honor of offering public executions in service to His Majesty. The magistrate accepted, levying a tax on the service of course. Mr. Puggles, besides offering a clean death, also collects scalps of powerful individuals felled in combat throughout the New World. If the owner of the scalp was strong enough, it may end up on the leaderboard, for which Puggles will give dirty rags that can be worn on the face so the killer can be fearsome too.

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