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March Hare

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Basic Info:
Where found:
Skill required: Big Game Hunting
Blood (health): 75
Liftable or Inventory?: Liftable
NOTE: Items and quantities depend upon skills known.
Item(s) gained:
Rare item(s):
March Hare


Uncommon animal spawn. Fights much like a Deer, charges if distance is great and has significantly more HP than a deer.

A March Hare disguises itself as a normal looking rabbit. Upon attack, it transforms. While their attacks do less damage than a deer's charge attack their attacks causing the player to become Lacerated and bleed hard also they are able to deal out more attacks due to their tendency to move around quickly. Dried March Hare pelts are an integral ingredient when crafting the Bunny Darko Mask. March Hares transform more commonly as one proceeds into the Darkness but can transform anywhere even in Boston. Attack rabbits in the darkness with caution if your character is not ready to take down a March Hare.

If you return to the area where a March Hare recently knocked you out it will still roam the area but it will no longer be aggressive, much like other wildlife that do not attack on sight. It may be possible for another player to stumble upon an already transformed March Hare if it never had the chance to despawn.

The exact HP is not currently know but its between 60 and 80.

March hares have 2 brains. According to John Carver one is the rabbit brain and the other is the hare's.

Remember that nothing can be butchered from a Monster animal unless you have learned Monster Hunting

With the Hideworking skill, skinning a single March Hare will yield:

  • {{i|Raw March Hare Hide} x 1

With all butchering skills acquired (Field Dressing, Butcher's Thrift , Butchery, Tanning and Venison Cuisine), butchering a single March Hare will yield:

With Viscera & Bits the chances for non meat drops increases.

Note: It is important to skin the March Hare first, or the butchering will ruin the skin.

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