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There are four main stats called humours in Salem, which affect and are depleted by various activities. Ordered clockwise they are:

Blood is essentially your health.
Things such as falling whilst climbing, being knocked around in combat and snapping a Tinder Drill will hurt you.

Phlegm is essentially your endurance.
It governs your effectiveness and sustainability of things such as running, destroying and other laborious activities.

Yellow bile is essentially your strength and focus.
A higher Yellow bile stat results in more damage, and enables more moves to be used before it is depleted. It also allows you to carry more and use Forage longer.

Black bile is essentially your learning capability.
It affects your study speed, and is also spent when placing building plans.

Humours can be replenished by eating Food. A humour's maximum value can be increased with Gluttony.

Each humour is represented by three numbers in the format 5.0/5.0/5.0, visible by hovering the cursor over your humour meter.
From left to right, these numbers represent current/expected/maximum levels, where 'expected' is the amount that will be gained from delayed healing.

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