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This is a listing of all interface commands in the game.


Mouse Commands

Inventory and Object Interaction

  • right click (RMB): interact with object and may open a flower menu depending on the object and options you can perform with it; if a menu command has been selected (dig, fish, etc), RMB cancels the command returning to a normal cursor; if holding an item (such as a bucket), the object held interacts with the tile/object right-clicked on
  • Ctrl+Click an item: Drop the item from inventory
  • Shift+Click an item: Swaps the item between different inventories
  • Shift+Mouse Wheel: auto-loads items into (wheel up) or out of (wheel down) construction signs one at a time. Caution: will load any items that qualify
  • Shift+right click when holding an item: Places item into object and automatically picks up the next like item.
  • Shift+Alt+Click: Do the same thing with all similar items in the inventory. Example: use this to place branches into a building sign.


  • left click: move character
  • Mouse Wheel: Zoom view camera
  • Middle Mouse Button (hold): Rotate camera
  • W,A,S,D: moves character up, left, down, right respectively--character moves in a straight line as long as the key is held. If released, the character will move in a new direction based on camera orientation.

Carrying objects

Right click object when carrying and you can:

  • Shift+Mousewheel: Rotate
  • Ctrl: Move freely


When digging:

  • left mouse button: digs on the vertex (corner) of a tile
  • ctrl+LMB: Moves the character to the middle of a tile and digs a it down until all four corners are at an equal height.^

When holding dirt:

  • right mouse button: drops all dirt to the ground
  • ctrl+RMB: drops enough dirt to make all four corners an equal height^
  • shift+RMB: drops one unit of dirt on a vertex raising that vertex exactly one unit in height.

^Note on using ctrl+click with dirt: If the slope is steep enough, you may not be able to hold enough dirt to completely lower all corners or raise them. You can safely double check by ctrl+clicking the tile a second time. If it's level, it won't change.

When in/on a vehicle or mount

  • ctrl+LMB: exit or dismount
  • LMB, RMB: functions normally (move, interact with object)

Window Hotkeys

  • Ctrl+E: Equipment window
  • Ctrl+T: Skill window
  • Ctrl+I: Inventory window
  • Tab: Inventory window
  • Ctrl+P: Opens town menu
  • Ctrl+`: Closes windows (including chat!!!)
  • Ctrl+C: cycles through: Open chat window, expand chat window, close chat window
  • Ctrl+B: Buddy list
  • Alt+S: Screen shot--Saves to a web stream. See this update for more information: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6014.

Flower Menus

1-x: These correspond to each button on the flower menu with 1 being the first one on the top and left most, 2 the next, etc. x is the number of buttons on the flower menu when opened.

Note on stacks: Some items come with multiple uses and are not stacked. This is not immediately obvious to a new player, but experience will generally teach you what can and can't be stacked. Stacked items can be split through the use of the flower menu, multi-use items will not have this option. In general, stackable objects are seeds, flours, etc., and multi-use items are things like Inspriationals, foods, and tools.

Console commands

Enter these directly into the client, not into chat! Simply enter the characters as you would push hotkeys for the menus. When you type a colon ':', there's a command line that comes up you can enter the rest of the command on. Console commands can be entered at any time and on any screen (even the log in screen), but may have no effect unless logged in, such as the log out commands. A word of caution: changing graphics settings without the game actively running has no visible effect. A change that is entered may cause issues without knowing which issue may have caused it.

Camera settings

  •  :cam sucky -- "free camera"
  •  :cam follow
  •  :cam ortho -- fixed position camera; can be rotated around the character only

Graphics settings

  •  :gl light pslight -- pixel shader with shadows
  •  :gl light plight -- pixel shader, no shadows
  •  :gl light vlight -- vertex shader (default)
  •  :gl light vcel -- cell shaded (calculated off vertex)
  •  :gl light pcel -- cell shaded (calculated per pixel)
  •  :gl fsaa on -- Turns on anti-aliasing
  •  :q -- quit client (same as alt+f4 in Windows)
  •  :fs 1, :fs 0 -- turns fullscreen on and off
  •  :fsmode <resolution> -- sets the resolution of fullscreen mode; <resolution> should be size you want 1920x1080, 1024x768, etc. example: :fsmode 1920 1080
  •  :sz x y -- To change window size to x y; examples: :sz 640 480 :sz 1024 768
  •  :sz lock -- To lock window resizing
  •  :sz dyn -- To unlock window resizing (remember DYN-amic)

Logging out

  •  :act lo -- log out safely; server will check and see if you can safely log out. If so, then you are logged out, if not, you are given the reason--the preferred method to log out; note that you cannot safely log out without a lean-to.
  •  :lo -- log out; force a log out (same as exiting the program). If you can not be logged out of the game for any reason, you won't know.
  •  :act lo cs -- Moves you into character select screen. Verifies the character can be logged out just like :act lo above



  • Video settings -- currently there are two options only: you can toggle shadows on or off and turn on antialiasing
  • Audio settings -- adjust sound levels in game
  • Log out -- same as the safe log out mentioned above. If your character is unable to be safely logged out, you are given a warning message.

- This Guide was compiled by MagicManICT, with contributions from Chiprel and Kandarim

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