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Dig icon.png Dig
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required: None



This is a default skill that enables you to Dig in certain types of Terrains. The Dig Command is found under the Adventure menu. Shovels help with digging by making the process go faster. You can still dig without a shovel, but it will be slow and consume more phlegm.

Shovels and slotted Artifacts will give you a bonus to your digging ability:

Dividing your total Dig bonus by 5 gives you the % progress you make with each dig. Every character has an innate +10 digging bonus.

  • With no bonuses, your digging rate will be 2% per time-unit. 50 digs for 1 dirt.
  • With a Wooden Shovel you will dig at 10% (2 innate, 8 from the shovel). 10 digs for 1 dirt.
  • With a Metal Shovel you will dig at 20% (2 innate, 18 from the shovel). 5 digs for 1 dirt.
  • With a Metal Shovel and +70 digging bonus from artifacts (6 Seams and 2 Brooches, for example), you can achieve the maximum useful digging-rate of 34%. 1 dirt in just 3 swings of the shovel!

Initially, your character can only hold 10 units of dirt. When you reach capacity, you will not be able to dig any further. With the Labouring skill, your capacity increases to 15 Dirt, and the Phlegm cost is reduced to 3/4. (needs confirmation)

Random Items Found while Digging

NOTE: Finding a Traces of the Lost Colony adds a good bit of Insanity.




The terrain is divided into Tiles, but Dirt exists only at the corners of the tiles (represtented by the red dots in the graphic). When you click on the ground with the dig command, your character begins digging on the Northwest Corner. You cannot directly dig a corner unless you can stand in the tile to it's south-east. When a corner is dug, all 4 surrounding tiles turn to bare dirt.

If you hold Ctrl while clicking the ground to dig it, your character will stand in the center of the tile and dig at the 4 surrounding corners until they are all level with each other. Even if only one corner is lowered, all 9 tiles are affected and turn into bare dirt.

  • You cannot dig a slope that is too steep to walk on. If digging would create too steep a slope, you will get a message saying so.


Right-clicking on the ground deposits all of the dirt you were carrying onto the Northwest Corner of the tile you clicked on. A 3x3 area around the tile you clicked on becomes dirt.

Holding Shift while right-clicking deposits one single unit of dirt onto the Northwest Corner. Only the 4 tiles adjacent to the affected corner become dirt. This is a useful command when attempting to carefully sculpt terrain to be a desired shape.

Holding Ctrl while right-clicking deposits dirt into the four corners surrounding the tile, until they are all level with each other. If you are not carrying enough dirt to bring all the corners up to the height of the highest one, then althoght this action will use up all of your dirt, the ground may not be level yet. 9 tiles are converted to dirt by this action. If the ground is too steep and you cannot deposit dirt on it (but still want to remove it from your character), you can store the dirt on a cart or on a sled by right-clicking on it.

  • You cannot raise the ground level so high as to create an un-walkable slope. If depositing dirt would create a slope too steep, you will get a message saying so.


Using Ctrl for both Digging and Depositing dirt allows you to easily create a large flattened area. Keep in mind that ctrl-Dig digs down until you are level with the lowest corner, and that ctrl-Deposit dumps dirt until the corners are level with the highest point. If you level a tile that is adjacent to an already leveled tile, then the new tile will be sharing 2 corners with the old one, making it easy to chain flatness.


When the map was first generated, any tiles whose slope was too great became Cliffs. They either form arcing bounraries between different heights in mountains, or as random chaotic clusters in otherwise flat land. Cliffs are annoying because they get in your way, slow you down, and use up phlegm to climb. You may want to eliminate them from your surroundings. However, because of the Northwest bias when Digging and Depositing, some cliffs are easier to eliminate than others.

  • Warning: Although changes to the corners adjacent to cliff tiles will eliminate the cliff graphic, the tile is still a cliff. You can only traverse it by climbing, and the tile is completely impassible while carrying dirt. Invisible cliffs are even MORE annoying than natural ones!

Digging away at a cliff that faces to the North or the West is easy, since the northwest corner can be accessed with no problem. Digging at a south or east facing cliff is much more challenging, since the tile you need to stand in to dig IS the cliff! For these inconveniently oriented cliffs, you will need to either use Ctrl-Digging which can be slow (working on 4 corners at once when you only actually want to dig one or two of them), or you can try filling up in with dirt from the other side. Fortunately, any cliff which is hard to dig is easy to fill, and vice-versa. The only major challenges are the high spikes and deep pits created in chaotic terrain where the slopes are so steep you cannot even access the tiles needed to dig down or fill with dirt.

Additional Tools


If you have the Ender Client, you can check the elevation level

  • press ctrl+l
  • select an area with your mouse
  • press release so that you can use your mouse again without dragging a new grid.

You will now see a grid with a color-gradient from Red (highest point in selection) to Blue (lowest point in selection). Tiles will have diagonal lines through them indicating how the square is divided into triangles for 3d graphics. On level ground, they all run NE/SW.

Dig-Able Terrain Types

Terrain Digable? Terrain Digable?
Green grass
Brown grass
Yellow leaves
Orange leaves
Yes, for resource.

Will not affect the terrain.

Limestone Requires Quarrying
Requires Quarrying

Game Menu
Adventure (V) ⇒Dig (I)

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