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There are currently two kinds of damage you can cause in Salem:

Blood Damage

This is the damage you do to other players (and creatures?)
The formula used was explained on irc by loftar:

Posted by sabinati on Salem-forum
well, it's possible that it changed, but i doubt it.  chatlogs ahoy:

16:48   loftar [swords] didn't get knocked per se. They merely got updated to the new(er) damage model.
16:48   loftar    They now do twice as much damage as punch.
16:48   loftar    Of course, they'll be replaced altogether with the new fighting system. It was just a stop-gap.
16:50   sabinati   punch was sqrt(sqrt(ybile)) or something right
16:51   loftar    No, it works such that it draws an amount of your own ybile, which scales as sqrt(current ybile).
16:51   loftar    And then does 5 times that amount in blood damage on the target.
16:51   loftar    The sword now works the same, except it draws twice the amount of ybile, and therefore does twice the damage.
16:55   loftar    For punch, [the amount of yellow bile drained] is sqrt(ybile / 10k) * 0.05 * 10k
16:55   sabinati   with 5k being the starting value for ybil
16:55   loftar    Yes.
16:57   loftar    Note that it's your current amount of ybile that counts, not your cap.
16:59   sabinati   what about stomp/uppercut
17:00   sabinati   do they use similar damage forumulas w/r/t drain vs damage
17:00   loftar    Stomp uses 0.15 instead of 0.05, and uppercut 0.1 instead of 0.05.
17:00   loftar    However, they translate worse into blood damage.
17:00   loftar    Uppercut does 4 times the drained ybile in blood damage, and stomp 3.

So to sum it up with current numbers and simplified:

  • cYB = Current Yellow-Bile
  • YBd = Yellow-Bile drain
  • Dmg = Blood-Damage done
Attack type: YBd: Dmg:
Stomp 1.5 * SQRT(cYB/10) 3 * YBd eg. 4.5 * SQRT(cYB/10)
Uppercut 1 * SQRT(cYB/10) 4 * YBd eg. 4 * SQRT(cYB/10)
Punch 0.5 * SQRT(cYB/10) 5 * YBd eg. 2.5 * SQRT(cYB/10)
Thrust 1 * SQRT(cYB/10) 5 * YBd eg. 5 * SQRT(cYB/10)

Example, stomp with 5 YB:

Structure Damage

by TotalyMeow ยป Sun Nov 08, 2015 9:21 pm (
AFAIK, there's still an upper limit on how much damage you can do in a swing.
Like the difference in damage done to a plank fence between a 400 Phlegm character and a 1000 Phlegm character will be 0.
If two strong characters take 4 hours to bash down a brick corner post, they will always take that long, no matter how high their humors.

(12:37:24 AM) Beanieman: Damage is sqrt(phlegm / 10k) * 10.
(12:37:47 AM) Hanuman: 10k?
(12:38:26 AM) Beanieman: Where phlegm is of course specified as per the server's internal idea of preciseness. So 5 points would be 5000 to the server.
(12:39:08 AM) Beanieman: Which means that if the game tells you that you have 20 points of phlegm then the formula would read sqrt(20k/10k) * 10
(12:39:49 AM) Beanieman: Soak is then simply subtracted from that number.
(12:47:59 AM) Beanieman: Note that it counts present phlegm when determining damage, not the maximum cap

See also: Soak.

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