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NOTE: Whole Raidsystem will be redesigned since Patch 1.1.4. Information on this page may no longer be correct. Please follow the patchnotes.

Crime! is a debuff applied to any player committing a criminal act which includes: Trespassing, Larceny, Waste and Murder (player killing allowed after unlocking the The Story of Cain & Abel proficiency).

You leave traces (Scents) behind you, and if the victim follow your trails he can summon, and kill you even if you are offline!

To get rid of crime you must move AWAY from the place of crime. The time will go down dramatically as you move farther away.

NOTE: If you are invading someone's claim you Black Bile will drain so keep an eye on it and if it reaches 0 you will be KOed. Also if you are interacting with the claim like stealing items it will drain faster!

NOTE: If you are KOed and you are invading someone's claim you will be out for 24 hours and the person who owns the claim can either send you home or kill you if they have The Story of Cain & Abel. No one else can send you home, but anyone with the ability can kill you.

  • Debuff prevents humor gain while it is in effect.
  • Debuff enables proficiency loss if you are K.O'ed on hostile territory and you are "sent home" by the victim.
  • Debuff affects the rate at which Darkness drains the Humors. (exact rate and affect is unknown as of this writing).
  • Debuff prevents player from teleporting to Boston and to their Homestead.
  • Beware of bears when you have crime especially for people with less than 100-50 black bile due to the fear that bears cause when attacking them that will drain your black bile slowly. Fear can last a long time so make sure you are well prepared for anything else that drains your stats.
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