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Corn icon.png Corn
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: unknown
Required by: Objects



Corn can be harvested at two growth stages, yielding either Baby Corn or Seeds of Corn if you allow it to mature. Only the second mature phase will allow you to replant a field, so don't be too eager to harvest your crop unless you want Baby Corn (and have seeds in reserve).

When Corn is mature, it is larger and lusher than it was in the baby corn stage, and the ears of corn will be visible on the stalk.

Unlike Cereals, harvested corn yields the seeds themselves rather than an intermediate item. Milling the Seeds of Corn is what gives you Corn Meal.

There is currently a bug where milling Corn always results in Cornmeal of 0% purity. This makes corn less useful than it could be.
Milling Corn now provides Cornmeal of the same purity as the seeds.

Corn uses the #1 and #3 influences (which come from Cabbage and Cotton, respectively) and adds to the Green influence just like Cereals do.


If you have a field with 100% plenty, you will get 50 Seeds of Corn. Divide Plenty by 2 (rounding down) to get your yield.


There are 4 different varieties of Corn that can be produced from a field. The variety you get depends on the total accumulated influence of Cabbage (red bar) and Cotton (blue bar).

  • Yellow Corn: Total accumulated influence is less than 100
  • White Corn: 100 to 150 Total, but with more Red than blue.
  • Blue Corn: 100 to 150 Total, but with more Blue then red.
  • Golden Corn: 150+ Total, balance does not matter.


  • Corn was introduced in Thanksgiving of 2012 as a part of the Colonial Relief Package which was given to the players then. Unlike any other crop, its seeds cannot be produced on your own (like Pumpkins) or purchased from an NPC stall. The only way to acquire Seeds of Corn is from another player. This means, interestingly enough, that ALL Corn is descended from the original seeds distributed on Thanksgiving.
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