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Compost icon.png Compost
Skill(s) required:
Size: unknown
Object(s) required:
Needs lighting?: No
Liftable?: Only when empty
Hit points: unknown
Soak value: unknown
Repaired with: Board
Required by:
Required by:


Empty Compost

The Compost bin is used to create Humus, which is integral to growing crops and gardening.

To produce Humus, fill the Compost bin with a variety of items. Every two hours the bin produces one Humus (with a chance to also produce a Common Earthworm or Earthworm Python) as long as there is material to be composted and room in the bin for more humus.
While a compost bin can only hold 50 fill points worth of material, the fill bar lists what percent full the bin is. This often confuses new players. (to determine how many fill points are currently in the bin, divide the number under the bar by 2)

Humus purity is determined by the average purity of worms and pythons placed within it. You can raise the purity of worms and pythons by placing them in a container next to any plant items of higher purity.

Items that can be placed in the Compost bin are

Contents with generated humus

To Fill

The compost bin has a 50 fill point capacity. The table below shows what items can be added to the bin and how many fill points they provide.

To add an item to the bin, left click it in your inventory and then right click on the bin. Shift-right-click will allow you to add multiple items to the bin; however, be careful to watch what the next item will be since it cycles through all eligible items.

Values are multiplied by Purity; thus, a 2.3 purity seaweed will yield 6 points instead of 3.
The Compost bin keeps track of any decimal point it receives so if you put 1 seed giving you +0.1 but you don't get 1/100 if you give it another 4 seeds it'll give you 1/100.
Also note that right clicking a stack of seeds on a almost full bin results in the bin taking only what it needs to fill up.

Ingredient  % Filled Fill Points
Any Fish icon.png Any Fish x1 3 1.5
Any Cabbage Leaf icon.png Any Cabbage Leaf x1 1 0.5
Autumn Grass icon.png Autumn Grass x1 2 1
Blackberries icon.png Blackberries x1 2 1
Bonemeal icon.png Bonemeal x1kg 20 10
Cabbage Core icon.png Cabbage Core x1 5 2.5
Charred Something icon.png Charred Something x1 1 0.5
Clove of Garlic icon.png Clove of Garlic x1 0.4 0.2
Common Earthworm icon.png Common Earthworm x1 2 1
Crispy Cricket icon.png Crispy Cricket x1 3 1.5
Crowberry Stalk icon.png Crowberry Stalk x1 2 1
Devil's Wort icon.png Devil's Wort x1 2 1
Dead Rabbit icon.png Dead Rabbit x1 5 2.5
Dead Timber Rattler icon.png Dead Timber Rattler x1 4 2
Dead Wartbite Cricket icon.png Dead Wartbite Cricket x1 4 2
Filet of any Fish icon.png Filet of any Fish x1 1 0.5
Garlic icon.png Garlic x1 2 1
Green Bell Peppers icon.png Green Bell Peppers x1 2 1
Hay icon.png Hay x1 4 2
Honeysuckle Kudzu icon.png Honeysuckle Kudzu x1 2 1
Huckleberries icon.png Huckleberries x1 2 1
Lilypad Bulb icon.png Lilypad Bulb x1 2 1
Lobster Mushroom icon.png Lobster Mushroom x1 2 1
Lumberjack Frikadel icon.png Lumberjack Frikadel x1 3 1.5
New World Gourd icon.png New World Gourd x1 2 1
Meat Shreds icon.png Meat Shreds x1 2 1
Milkweed Roots icon.png Milkweed Roots x1 2 1
Myrtle Oak Leaves icon.png Myrtle Oak Leaves x1 1 0.5
Myrtle Oak Acorn icon.png Myrtle Oak Acorn x1 1 0.5
Oakworth icon.png Oakworth x1 2 1
Plucked Wild Turkey icon.png Plucked Wild Turkey x1 4 2
Plucked Turkey icon.png Plucked Turkey x1 20 10
Pumpkin Flesh icon.png Pumpkin Flesh x1 2 1
Raw Beaver Cut icon.png Raw Beaver Cut x1 4 2
Raw Beaver Steak icon.png Raw Beaver Steak x1 8 4
Raw Rabbit Cut icon.png Raw Rabbit Cut x1 2 1
Raw Timber Rattler Cut icon.png Raw Timber Rattler Cut x1 4 2
No image found, click to upload Raw Turkey Cut x1 4 2
Raw Venison Cut icon.png Raw Venison Cut x1 4 2
Raw Venison Steak icon.png Raw Venison Steak x1 8 4
Red Bell Peppers icon.png Red Bell Peppers x1 2 1
Roasted Beaver Cut icon.png Roasted Beaver Cut x1 1 0.5
Roasted Beaver Steak icon.png Roasted Beaver Steak x1 1 0.5
Roasted Chestnut icon.png Roasted Chestnut x1 1 0.5
Roasted Fish icon.png Roasted Fish x1 1 0.5
Roasted Rabbit Steak icon.png Roasted Rabbit Steak x1 1 0.5
Roasted Timber Rattler Cut icon.png Roasted Timber Rattler Cut x1 1 0.5
Roasted Venison Cut icon.png Roasted Venison Cut x1 1 0.5
Roasted Venison Steak icon.png Roasted Venison Steak x1 1 0.5
Seaweed icon.png Seaweed x1 6 3
Sugar Caps icon.png Sugar Caps x1 2 1
Stray Chestnut icon.png Stray Chestnut x1 2 1
Turkey Feathers icon.png Turkey Feathers x1 1 0.5
Waxing Toadstool icon.png Waxing Toadstool x1 2 1
Wild Garlic icon.png Wild Garlic x1 2 1
Witch's Hat icon.png Witch's Hat x1 4 2
Wood Choppings icon.png Wood Choppings x1 1 0.5
Game Menu
Build (B) ⇒Tools & Utilities (T) ⇒Compost (O)

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