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Board icon.png Board
Skill(s) required:
Object(s) required:
Weight: 2.50 KG
Required by: Objects


These are the type of boards that can be used in recipes that call for any type of board, and that can be stored in the Stockbin.

Type of Board Method to Obtain
Fresh Board icon.png Fresh Board Saw Log on Sawbuck
Coffin Plank icon.png Coffin Plank Saw Log on Sawbuck (rare)
Dry Board icon.png Dry Board Build Timber Pile and wait
Ghost in the Grain icon.png Ghost in the Grain From Timber Pile (rare)
Planed Board icon.png Planed Board Plan a Dry Board at a Carpenter's Bench
Oiled Board icon.png Oiled Board Soak a Planed Board in an Oiling Trough

Boards that fail to become a Dry Board will instead become a Moldy Board which can be converted back to Fresh Boards by licking them. However, doing so will add a huge amount of Insanity.

Boards that fail to become an Oiled Board will instead become a Warped Board which can be converted back to a Planed Board by planing them again on a Carpenter's Bench.

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