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Any Fish

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This page is still (heavily) under construction

Any Fish icon.png Any Fish
Where found:
Weight: variable
Required by: Objects


Each fish caught has a different weight depending on how long he has lived.
The weight of a fish determines the amount of value given when you compost it or feed it to turkeys etc.
The weight of the fish determines how many fish filets you get.

For more information on:

Fish Filet of Fish Roasted Filet Dried Fish
Angel-Winged Seabass icon.png Angel-Winged Seabass Filet of Angel-Winged Seabass icon.png Filet of Angel-Winged Seabass Roasted Angel-Winged Seabass icon.png Roasted Angel-Winged Seabass Dried Angel-Winged Seabass icon.png Dried Angel-Winged Seabass
Blueback Tuna icon.png Blueback Tuna Filet of Blueback Tuna icon.png Filet of Blueback Tuna Roasted Blueback Tuna icon.png Roasted Blueback Tuna Dried Blueback Tuna icon.png Dried Blueback Tuna
Cape Codfish icon.png Cape Codfish Filet of Cape Codfish icon.png Filet of Cape Codfish Roasted Cape Codfish icon.png Roasted Cape Codfish Dried Cape Codfish icon.png Dried Cape Codfish
Crimson Carp icon.png Crimson Carp No image found, click to upload Filet of Crimson Carp No image found, click to upload Roasted Crimson Carp
Darkwater Bluegill icon.png Darkwater Bluegill Filet of Darkwater Bluegill icon.png Filet of Darkwater Bluegill Roasted Darkwater Bluegill icon.png Roasted Darkwater Bluegill Dried Darkwater Bluegill icon.png Dried Darkwater Bluegill
Ghostly Whitefish icon.png Ghostly Whitefish Filet of Ghostly Whitefish icon.png Filet of Ghostly Whitefish Roasted Ghostly Whitefish icon.png Roasted Ghostly Whitefish Dried Ghostly Whitefish icon.png Dried Ghostly Whitefish
Gold Pickerel icon.png Gold Pickerel Filet of Gold Pickerel icon.png Filet of Gold Pickerel Roasted Gold Pickerel icon.png Roasted Gold Pickerel Dried Gold Pickerel icon.png Dried Gold Pickerel
Hellish Halibut icon.png Hellish Halibut Filet of Hellish Halibut icon.png Filet of Hellish Halibut Roasted Hellish Halibut icon.png Roasted Hellish Halibut Dried Hellish Halibut icon.png Dried Hellish Halibut
Long-Whiskered Catfish icon.png Long-Whiskered Catfish Filet of Long-Whiskered Catfish icon.png Filet of Long-Whiskered Catfish Roasted Long-Whiskered Catfish icon.png Roasted Long-Whiskered Catfish Dried Long-Whiskered Catfish icon.png Dried Long-Whiskered Catfish
Raging Bullhead icon.png Raging Bullhead Filet of Raging Bullhead icon.png Filet of Raging Bullhead Roasted Raging Bullhead icon.png Roasted Raging Bullhead Dried Raging Bullhead icon.png Dried Raging Bullhead
Red-Finned Mullet icon.png Red-Finned Mullet Filet of Red-Finned Mullet icon.png Filet of Red-Finned Mullet Roasted Red-Finned Mullet icon.png Roasted Red-Finned Mullet Dried Red-Finned Mullet icon.png Dried Red-Finned Mullet
Red Herring icon.png Red Herring Filet of Red Herring icon.png Filet of Red Herring Roasted Red Herring icon.png Roasted Red Herring Dried Red Herring icon.png Dried Red Herring
Sargasso Eel icon.png Sargasso Eel Filet of Sargasso Eel icon.png Filet of Sargasso Eel Roasted Sargasso Eel icon.png Roasted Sargasso Eel Dried Sargasso Eel icon.png Dried Sargasso Eel
Silt-Dwelling Mudsnapper icon.png Silt-Dwelling Mudsnapper Filet of Silt-Dwelling Mudsnapper icon.png Filet of Silt-Dwelling Mudsnapper Roasted Silt-Dwelling Mudsnapper icon.png Roasted Silt-Dwelling Mudsnapper Dried Silt-Dwelling Mudsnapper icon.png Dried Silt-Dwelling Mudsnapper
Tiger Trout icon.png Tiger Trout Filet of Tiger Trout icon.png Filet of Tiger Trout Roasted Tiger Trout icon.png Roasted Tiger Trout Dried Tiger Trout icon.png Dried Tiger Trout
Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch icon.png Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch Filet of Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch icon.png Filet of Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch Roasted Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch icon.png Roasted Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch Dried Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch icon.png Dried Trunk-Nosed Lake Perch
Shin Spinner icon.png Shin Spinner Filet of Shin Spinner icon.png Filet of Shin Spinner Roasted Shin Spinner icon.png Roasted Shin Spinner Dried Shin Spinner icon.png Dried Shin Spinner
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