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Advanced Cooking

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Advanced Cooking icon.png Advanced Cooking
"Advanced Recipes opens up recipes for the finest foods."
Skill(s) required:
Proficiencie(s) required:
6500 Herbs & Sprouts icon.png Herbs & Sprouts
6700 Hunting & Hideworking icon.png Hunting & Hideworking
6500 Stocks & Cultivars icon.png Stocks & Cultivars
14500 Sugar & Spice icon.png Sugar & Spice
Skills Unlocked:
Crafts Unlocked:
Builds Unlocked:
Others Unlocked:

In-Game Text

"Take a Hare, cut it out in quarters, chine it, and lit in in Claret, mixed with three parts of water, and parboyl it, then slice the flesh in pieces, and lay it on your stew pan, let this be off the Body, but the legs wings, and head whole, almost cover it with some of the liquor it was boyled in, and some Butter, sliced Nutmeg, and juice of Lemon, and a little beaten Ginger, serve it upon sipets, Garnish it with Lemon and slice Onion."

-The Whole Duty of a Woman: Or a Guide to the Female Sex, 1696

Texture & Presentation are just the beginning when mastering the finer culinary facets. Advanced Cooking opens up recipes for the finest foods ready to be gobbled.


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